The ADMI program currently offers fifteen courses through the two universities – three core and twelve electives. Students are required to take 9 courses to complete their degree: 3 core, 3 technical and 3 business. Additional elective courses are scheduled to be added in the future.

Core Courses (required)

Course Code Course Title Institution
DM-816 Design for Innovation Queen’s
DM-872 Engineering Leadership Western
DM-885 Advanced Project Management Queen’s

Technical Electives (take 3)

Course Code Course Title Institution
DM-810 Intelligent Manufacturing Western
DM-812 Finite Element Analysis for Design Engineers Western
DM-822 Mechatronics Queen’s
DM-824 Materials Selection in Design Queen’s
DM-826 Advanced Industrial Energy Management Queen’s

Business Electives (take 3)

Course Code Course Title Institution
DM-863 Financial & Managerial Accounting Western
DM-864 Principles of Professional Communication Western
DM-865 Marketing Management Western
DM-881 Technical Entrepreneurship & Innovation Western
DM-890 Operations and Supply Chain Management Western