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The Master of Engineering in Design & Manufacturing is a flexible and successful graduate program specifically designed to meet the needs of engineers working in industry. It is a part-time, in-class Master’s program delivered in the Greater Toronto Area.

The ADMI program is specifically designed to address the challenges of a working engineer. Most courses are structured on two 4-day modules (Thursday to Sunday), so there are minimal disruptions to your life and no need to take a long term leave to earn your masters degree.

Academic requirements are an accredited 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Applied Science, or science equivalent, with a minimum B- (70% or GPA 2.7). Three or more years of industry experience is recommended (but not required). This is your chance to create an M.Eng program customized to suit your personal and business needs and interests from Technical and Business Course streams.

As the ADMI MEng is a part-time degree, there is no application deadline in the normal sense. However, students must register their interest at least one month before the start date of a course that they wish to take. Thus, if a student wishes to take DM 872 which starts Oct 13th, 2017, the deadline to apply to the program is Sept 15th, 2017, with Sept 2017 entered as the program start date on the graduate school application form.

Tuition for the ADMI program is $2,700 per course, payable at the beginning of each course. Given nine courses for the MEng degree, total tuition for the program is $24,300. To put it a different way, assuming three courses per year, the annual tuition is $8,100.

No, you cannot apply to this program if you are an International student. The ADMI program is part-time and will not qualify you for a full-time study permit in Canada.

No, you cannot take the ADMI program on a full-time basis. This question is usually asked in the context of completing the degree in one year. The ADMI program is designed as a part-time degree with only 4 to 5 courses offered per year. It can be completed in two years, but it is designed to be completed in three years. One is encouraged to look into the regular (full-time) MEng degrees offered by both Queen’s and Western, if the desire is to complete within one year.